William and Kate Visit to Pakistan, with Pictures.


England’s royal couple arrived in Pakistan on Monday for their first visit to the country in almost a decade

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did fun by showing off their cricketing skills on Thursday

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Kate and Williams visited different cities of Pakistan in their five days tour.

They met with Prime minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan in Islamabad. Imran Khan has been a very close friend of Williams Mother Princes Diana. They recalled their memories about the late princess.

They also visited some schools and Orphans Houses in Pakistan.

one of the kid while meeting Williams and Kate told them that she is a fan of Her Mother Diana in reply to that kid William told that he himself is the biggest fan of Princes Diana her, Late mother.

The Royal Couple also visited Chitral a Natural beauty Heaven of Pakistan where they spend good time with Kailash Valley people by wearing their local dresses and by watching their local dance.

Royal couple looks beautiful in local Chitral Cap and Dress.

Princess Kate were in local Shalwar Kameez (Tradition dress of Pakistani women) all the tour.
They also visited Lahore , a Culturally rich city in Punjab, Pakistan. They visited Lahore Mughal Mosque named Badshahi Mosque. They also met the Imam Masjid and hear the recitation of Quran.

Prince William and Kate outside the Badshahi Mosque

They ride Rickshaw in Pakistan and enjoyed the ride of traditional Rickshaw which is very common in South Asia.

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William and Kate in Traditional Dress of Pakistan riding in Rikshaw.

While their visit to Lahore they visited Pakistan Cricket Academy and played some cricket there. Video of Kate and Williams while playing cricket is going viral in social media.

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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visits the National Cricket academy in Lahore, Pakistan

They met Pakistani cricket legends, Wasim Akra & Waqar Younis.
They stayed for five days in Pakistan and enjoyed their visit. According to Pakistani Authorities it was an honor to host the Royal couple and through their visit to Pakistan they want to give a message to world to come and see the untouched Beauty of Pakistan.

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