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A Man enraged by sound of chewing hasn’t spoken to family for four years.

A man who flies into a rage at the sound of chewing hasn’t been able to speak to his family four years...

Doctors remove toothbrush from one man’s intestines ,he swallowed Decades ago.

A former prisoner who tried to kill himself 20 years ago by swallowing a toothbrush has finally had it removed from his...

Selling Cow urine is Growing Business in India.

Carrying a large aluminium bowl, Susheela Kumari bustles around the back ends of...

Everest: The Dead zone

Everest: I interviewed people risking their lives in the 'death zone' during one of the deadliest seasons yet

Indian Hollywood legend Amitabh Bachan Twitter Account Hacked by Turkish/Pakistani Hackers

Pakistani prim Minister Imran khan on the display Picture of Amitabh Bachan Twitter Profile picture. Though apart from India Pakistan Rivalry...

Death on Mount Everest

Death on Everest: the boom in climbing tourism is dangerous and unsustainable ...

How the ‘good guy with a gun’ became a deadly American fantas

A drawing of Philip Marlowe, an icon of hard-boiled detective fiction created by...

1 in 4 American women choose abortion

Who are the 1 in 4 American women who choose abortion? ...

what now for Game of Thrones’ multimedia fans?

After 8 years of memes, videos and role playing, what now for Game of Thrones' multimedia fans?