War of Words between Biden and Putin.


Putin has also challenged Biden for a Live Debate on the issues and blames.

After US President Joe Biden called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “murderer” and said he would “pay a price” for the recent interference in the US presidential election, today Putin replied: “In the history of each people, of each state, there are many hard, dramatic and bloody events. But when we classify other people, other states or other peoples, it is as if we look in a mirror. We always see ourselves “.

He also wished Biden well.

Tension grew between the two countries after the arrest of Russian opponent Alexei Navalny about a month ago and after a report by the US secret services concluded that Putin authorized influence operations to undermine confidence in the elections and accentuate social divisions in the US with the goal of harming Biden and helping Donald Trump.

In 2017, a report also proved that Trump had been favored in the White House dispute with Hillary Clinton for a campaign ordered by Putin.