PUBG Mobile vs call of Duty Mobile


 What is the difference, and which is better?

PUBG Mobile hold a very powerful status. For a long time, it ruled the mobile battle royale roost. Now time is changed, PUBG’s real challenger introduced in the form of Activision’s latest, call of Duty: Mobile.

The basic purpose of both games is to provide an element of authenticity. They also give a mix of exceptional combat, contrasting ongoing modes, variety and several multiplayer activities.

Let’s see difference between these two mobiles.

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Graphics: Unreal Engine 4 Vs Unity engine

PUBG Mobile fueled by Unreal Engine, while CoD: Mobile need Unity Engine. However, this does not enormously create a difference, Unreal is regularly connected with photo- realistic visuals. It is also stated that it takes much more work to get unity games to look as cleaned.

This is the most prominent difference between these two mobiles. Graphically both are different from each other. PUBG Mobile seems to have a fine detail, as concern CoDM, it is graphically dense. It has a great deal packed in. however we can say it is not a similar degree of clarity.

PUBG Mobile has more prominent feeling of open space, it feels like everything has somewhat more breathing space.  CoDM appears to be somewhat more thickly. Things are more thickly put in CoDM, in terms of the maps. One can identify a finer detail, like the sort of ammunition lying on the ground is not clear in CoD. All things considered in PUBG.

CoDM does not look awful. This sort of mobile depicts a somewhat a unique world, one that is intended to reflect the CoD understanding from different stages. It has also various advantages in different territories. It is also said after perceiving various kinds of ammo scattered about the place, CoD is not much clear. The issue of place that does not seem much clear can be resolve in PUBG Mobile.

An interesting thing about CoD: Mobile is gaming environment. It provides a portion of destructible environment.  There are windows to break and fences that smash.  This is not the same in PUBG Mobile. It does not have much in nature one can destroy. This thing makes CoD Mobile more powerful in certain zones. PUBG does not have a single window and the main natural component one can decimate is entryways. It is also viewed, there is occasionally more going on in CoD: Mobile as compare to PUBG Mobile.

As a result, CoD Mobile has significantly more in the way of explosions, which one cannot find in PUBG: Mobile.

Gameplay modes

PUBG is battle royale. Infect it is a genre- defining game which can reproduce the kind of multiplayer fights that it offers. With the presence of Tencent both mobiles hold similarities between them. Particularly around the controls, which are comparable both in format and on- screen elements.

PUBG is consider battle royale first, then a scope of Arcade modes comes. Those Arcade alternatives much of the time are likewise battle royale in style, yet somewhat shorter. However, sniper training or mini zone are fundamentally like an extract of the principle game. 

CoD: Mobile looks unique. It opens with multiplayer rather, a 5 vs 5 battle in small areas- crach, killhouse, crossfire, Nuketown, hijacked. it also opens in various modes- frontline, deathmatch, dominations, search and crush.

PUBG took one year or even more to introduce this kind of multiplayer while CoDM feels more captivating and dynamic. You can improve a scope of contrast maps to play on.

As concern fight royale in CoD, it is at present on one map, with zombies. Moreover, it is not a copy of PUBG Mobile, there are several gameplay elements that PUBG Mobile does not offer. The quality of CoDM can compare with helicopters and the capacity to resuscitate your colleagues after they are dead, that acquires a unique fight royale which makes CoD: Mobile different.

CoDM feels you are a Tier administrator, while PUBG feels you are an ordinary joe that characterized the enormous contrast between these two games.

Upgrades and loadouts

The process of upgrades work is much different between the two. PUBG can start the game while wearing a steampunk outfit. It is all about the costumes, themes and skins. CoDM gives a collection of character styles and some accessory details. This sort of mobile is a lot straighter- more laced, because you consider yourself an operator, those work is to handle the battle.

PUBG start without any weapons in fight royale, while CoDM provides you a knife and few aptitudes so you can do somewhat more as it so happens. In any case, playing arcade modes you get much opportunity from CoD. You will get another chance to pick and upgrade weapons and pick your loadout. Another choice will be to have a variety of loadouts you can change to suit the guide.

Playing the game and step up opens various weapons and you at that point settle on the decision of what you will have as you primary and secondary weapons, opening and updating as you go. However, weapons redesigns are easy to gather.

Both mobiles consider freemium approach. One can purchase passes or credits, then container or skins, so the most customized players are likely those who spend money in the game. Although we can not say there is any real gameplay advantage that comes with paying in either game.

Call of Duty Mobile lets you do more

Here are the enormous contrasts that you can do in interactivity. PUBG Mobile is generally a survival game at its center. you parachute in, accumulate, endure and win. In CoDM you start with nearly nothing, assemble more rapidly, yet additionally have a full scope of abilities that PUBG does not offer. There is also much similarity like airdrops, ground vehicles and maps with shifted territory, vehicles and a diminishing game region.

CoDM regularly gives you a chance to get a greater weapon quicker. You can discover a rifle with an extension, and you can be great to kill, or you can discover a truck with a minigun mounted on it and destroy the spot. There is rocket launchers, clingy grenades and things like automatons and UAVS to remotely find and assault different players, all of which extend the scope of combat choices.

To get around the game area, there are zip wires and a great deal of automated chatter from your partners that create an atmosphere which PUBG lacks. Though PUBG can have snapshots of massive quiet, when you go through 20 minutes gathering without seeing another soul.

As concern flipside, PUBG Mobile seems restless. You are free from a ton of harm in PUBG, while in CoDM it feels like you can empty a mag into a rival regardless they are standing. CoDM provide more cavalier behavior, because in a face- off you will come out alright. what is more, on the off chance that you do kick the bucket, while your partner can scan your labels. Moreover, after few moments you can drop once more into the game on a recovery flight.

Now the exception of this matter is the presence of snipers. You can discover sniper shots are regularly lethal in CoDM, while taking a plenty of hits from smaller caliber weapons. Additionally, same occurs in PUBG Mobile. Yet regularly you will take a few shots before you are dead. It can be stated it is PUBG that is giving snipers a more drawn out range to shoot from as a result of maps that are progressively open.


If we talk about PUBG Mobile, it has a status for quite a while but, CoDM got publicity for being new and glossy.  Even any PUBG Mobile player will in a flash realize how to play CoDM just because they are comparable enough to simply move your aptitudes over.  We also consider Call of Duty gives the better arcade experience. The reason of this statement is the face – paced activity, sliding around, propelling tracker murder rambles and getting up near the foe. It is an impact and it is something that we do not feel that PUBG does very too.

When we talk about fight royale, we imagine that PUBG looks better and the pace of game also looks different. However, that equivalent rationale applies from arcade modes. CoDM may suit you well enough if you are the kind of individual who consistently bounces into pochinki for the quick battle. At last if you are the kind of PUBG player who likes to stay away from contact and use stealth to get to the last 10 players before picking off your remaining rivals, then most probably you might not get this in Call of Duty.