India is behind “Pakistani spy pigeon”


Orb Times: India has once again claimed to have taken into custody a “Pakistani spy pigeon” who was allegedly carrying a “suspicious piece of paper tied to its legs” near the international border.

According to India Today, the pigeon was caught on April 17 when it came and sat on the shoulder of a constable while he was on camp guard duty at the post, which is 500 metres from the border.

The complainant claimed that a white paper was found wrapped with an adhesive tape which had a number written on it. An FIR has been lodged at the Kahagarh police station in Amritsar against the pigeon.

In a similar incident in March 2020, India had claimed to have taken into custody a “Pakistani spy pigeon” who allegedly had a ring carrying a phone number.

In 2016, Indian authorities had come up with the similar claim of a pigeon they caught in Pathankot carried a message stamped in Urdu.

Similarly, in October next year, Indian police officials clipped the wings of a pigeon they had caught in Bamial village with a similar message to prevent it from ‘escaping’.


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