iPhone 11 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10


iPhone 11 pro (iPhone11 & iPhone pro max) has been disclosed. Even after the arrival of iPhone X in 2017, little changes happen, but still it is a delight for users. It is considered best IOS phone.

Now question is how to compare it with one of the best Android phone and Samsung galaxy10.

iPhone and Samsung are redesign on their previous following pattern, but still they view best phones of the present time. They are surely existing in the list of top flagship phones of 2019 because of their features and price.

Even after the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is appeared. S10 is still hold all around powerhouse which stand out without the presence of S Pen.

But what makes them separate?

We have created a comparison to perceive how these two gadgets work.

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The new iPhones run iOS 13.

iPhone 11 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 design

As design is concerns both phones much resemble with their forerunners. The iPhone 11 pro is round edge rectangle, while Samsung Galaxy S10’s bent display and camera arrangement are of unique style even its 6.1 -inch screen makes it larger than 5-8-inch screen of iPhone 11pro.

Here camera blister is only one comparison. The Galaxy S10 has three cameras and flash into a rectangular wedge. It holds more attraction than camera blister on the iPhone 11 Pro (circular lenses within a square on the back cover).  it is creating a situation of love- hate line for phone lovers and if there is a chance to win beauty contest, surely, it’s the Galaxy S10 by a solid edge.

iPhone 11 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 display

5.8- inch OLED screen of the iPhone looks sharper and it even gained a new gobbledygook name. ‘Super XDR’. Many people uttered different opinions about iPhone which is consider somehow correct. Apple looks more larger than ever in a year, where phone markers stressed to give users more screen.

As concern Samsung Galaxy S10, single punch- hole in the top right of the display has been replaced with front- facing camera., while in -screen senor took the place of fingerprint node on the back side. It is much attractive for workarounds like pop-up cameras or uncovering lenses by sliding down the front screen.

Generally, this is an OLED vs OLED battle, which make it looks great. iPhone 11 Pro’s 1,125 ₓ 2,436 pixels are smaller than the Samsung S10’s 1,440ₓ 3,040 pixels, which has given a bigger screen than the later. But Samsung also fixes its default resolution to 1060p.

iPhone 11 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 camera

In 2019’s fashion, third focal point, a 12MP ultrawide lens, with capturing a 120-degree field of view has been added by the iPhone 11 Pro. iPhone X and XS collected vast medium photography through 12MP main and 12MP telephoto lenses, however the additional width should incredible options for toolset for capturing photos of different scene.

In addition, a third wide- angle lens to photographing setup has already introduced by the Samsung Galaxy S10. Alluring array, 123- degree field of view gained by lenses and extend context than the typical 90-ish degree main lenses force us to love Samsung Galaxy S10.

Both phones developed their setup through new lenses, but the challenge considered to post- preparing programming.  Apple’s starting phone cameras have taken gentler shots, but it is the matter of personal satisfaction changes that streamline shooting (like holding the shade to make a video on Snapchat or Instagram), while Samsung has increased its lenses with a devoted Night mode, that is a better achievement than average.

The striking features of both phones have created a variety of shots that a user can take, which is a success win for everyone.

iPhone 11 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 performance

A13 chipset is the fastest chip ever in smartphone. The iPhone 11 Pro packs the new A13 chipset as mentioned in the September launch event. iPhone X assume this chip in every device to power the new handset’s AR and AI.

Another striking feature about iPhone 11 Pro is chip- the U1.  This chip provides a chance to the handset to find other devices packing the same chip. This is a reference to the Apple Tags tracing tiles, which is not mention in the September event, however its extra tech gives other devices a chance to run on the cohesive iOS ecosystem to perform better with one another.

Snapdragon 855 in the US and Exynos 9820 both effective processors have been packed by the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the best thing one can gain from an Android is the absence of upgrade Snapdragon 855 Plus.

Both phones going side by side for streaming and processing media networks.  It has declared that Apple’s new chip edge out the Snapdragon 855 (some tests have revealed 855 is less powerful than A12), but this is not a big issue, both are able to perform enough games and watch TV shows.

iPhone 11 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 battery

iPhone 11 Pro’s specific battery capacity is not announced. A previous study put the iPhone XS battery at 2,658mAh and also new handset at 15% larger. But for Apple handsets that are tuned to iOS more firmly, this metric is not useful.

Formally, Apple announced iPhone 11Pro obtain four more hours of battery life than iPhone XS. This phone also exchanged its tired 5W charger for an 18W plug in the box, which is highly claimed by Apple that will juice up new phone by 50% in 30 minutes.  The divider connector utilizes USB-C while the new iPhone sticks with lightning.

By making contrast with the 3,400mAh battery in the Galaxy S10, which will likely be larger than the limits in the iPhone 11Pro, but it does not surpass enduring force by a lot. That said S10 have an edge in utility: through its wireless Power Share feature (called Reverse Wireless Charging) it can charge other devices.

While Samsung packs a 20W plug in the box, with an optional 45W charger. There is also the facility of quicker wireless charging at 15W, which succeed Apple’s 7.5W wireless charging speeds.


Both phones gained striking features, iPhone 11 Pro is still a refined phone while Galaxy S10 is among the best forms of Samsung phone. Which is as a lot to state that neither had made incredible walks in front of their forerunners.

It is a very difficult task to select any one between the two. The distinctions coming to iOS 13 and Android 10 have part these telephones up significantly more than they appear to be in the wake of setting their spaces against one another.

Both phones have similar spread of main, telephoto and ultra-wide lenses. If someone wants to phone which cross some years, then these two are absolutely fine.


Seemab Ghouri