US Backed Pakistani Politicians & Establishment ousted the popular Imran Khan


Imran Khan, A hero to millions of South Asians, A cricketing Legend, A popular Politician, an Ex-Prime Minister, and a Reputable Social worker has been ousted from his Prime Minister office a few weeks ago.

Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan visited Russia a few months ago. On the same day when Russia attacks Ukraine. Khan’s Visit to Russia was a Pre-Planned visit and the purpose of that visit was to get some Economic benefits for Pakistan and to enhance economic cooperation & relation between the two Cold War Rivals.

The visit was considered historic in the circle of Islamabad but on the other hand, the US was curious and angry. They convey a very hard Message to the Pakistani foreign Office and Establishment.

Pakistan Armed forces who are the most powerful stakeholders of the state had no option other than a plan to oust Prime Minister Imran khan so that the Anger of the US can be managed, and they did it.

A well-planned No Confidence Motion came into place against Imran Khan in the Pakistani Parliament. The pressure on the US was too much that in Hurry, Under Pressure Establishment did many mistakes which exposed them in front of the Pakistani People.

They opened the Supreme court of Pakistan at Midnight so that they can make sure to overcome any hurdles related to the Law and constitution of Pakistan. They also got help from Islamabad High Court, It was a pre-emptive measure to stop the Ex-Prime Minister from removing the Chief of Army Staff.

Its also Interesting to note down that well before all this the news was hot in Pakistan that the differences between Prime Minister Imran Khan and Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa had become very deep. The issue was about the announcement of the name of the new DG ISI. Director General of Pakistan’s Intelligence Agency, General Bajwa wants that Lt. Gen. Nadeem Anjum should take over this responsibility now, but PM Imran Khan was insisting to Keep Lt. Gen. Faiz. This issue also created differences among the two major stakeholders of the country.

The anger among the people of Pakistan is increasing with every passing day. People on the streets are talking about Revolution against the corrupt and the US-backed Regime, Anti American rhetoric has raised once again. People are showing sympathy for Imran Khan the Ex-PM.

Imran Khan himself criticized US and Establishment along with their local allied Political parties. Khan criticized the Role of US Foreign Secretary to South Asia Donald lu for his Role and his threat to Pakistani internal affairs.

People are gathering in Numbers throughout the streets of Pakistan. Last week Current Government of Pakistan used Tear Gase shells and other violent tactics to control the crowd.

Pakistan police fire teargas, baton-charge supporters of ousted PM Khan -  News | Khaleej Times
Present accused US Backed Government fired thousands of Tear Gas Shells on People who came out for the support of Ex Pm Imran Khan.

The Economic Situation of the country is also worsening with every passing day. USD has reached sky-high during this regime change period.

The current Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif is the brother of Notorious Nawaz Sharif. Shahbaz Sharif and his two sons are convicted of Corruption by the Courts of Pakistan. Ex-PM Nawaz Sharif is also a convicted person by the courts and nowadays living in London on medical grounds.

The Ever vibrant Social Media of Pakistan is full of actions at the moment. The people of Pakistan made a world record on Twitter for the most Used Hashtag 


 Apart from this social media is criticizing the role of General Qamar Javed Bajwa and ISI Chief Nadeem Anjum who are accused of helping US policy Makers to oust Imran Khan from the Office. In The past, Pakistan Army has been criticized heavily for its role in Politics, Since the Independence Pakistani Army generals have used different tactics and conspiracy against the Political leaders. It will be surprising to quote here that since the independence of Pakistan not a single Prime Minister of Pakistan was able to complete his five years constitutional tenure and in Most cases, the conspiracy maker was from the General Head Quarter of Pakistan consisting of a few Generals.
Living in the 21st century and watching this kind of state of democracy is very much disappointed for people who believe in people’s rights and people power.

Author : Sajjad Hussain